Weight management program

The program to lose weight in a stable and sustainable manner comprises of three group workshops, two individual consultations as well as audio and written documents to accompany you in this process

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A program to manage your weight in a stable and sustainable manner

Conseil Stress offers a comprehensive support program for weight loss. Three workshops are offered, associated with two individual appointments with audio materiel and documents to continue the process at home between workshops.

Who is this program is for ?

This program is open to anyone wishing to lose weight or overweight or obese. It allows you to challenge a weight problem not due to a medical condition.

Objective of this weight management program

A restrictive system of diets produces many victims (weight gain, yoyo syndrome etc ...). This program allows you to set up a natural management of your alimentation, by challenging snacking habits, too abundant consummation, binge eating and overeating. Weight loss is natural and sustainable. The action is to install or retrieve a natural diet, fulfilling the simple satisfaction of your needs.

Program Structure

This program includes 3 group workshop sessions, 2 individual consultations, audio and written documents to accompany you in this process.

1) Three group workshops

These workshops aim to understand the excesses possible or eating disorders and question them, through short presentations and brief therapy exercises and hypnosis. The approach is oriented solutions, personal themes are not addressed but kept for the individual sessions.

  • At the end of each workshop, a CD as well as paper documents are provided to continue and deepen the process.
  • Registration for the three workshops is mandatory for a comprehensive approach.
  • You can return again to each workshop free of charge one time if you need to better understand or enrich the process.
  • Each workshop lasts about 2 hours.

2) Two individual consultations included

Both consultations aim to address personal matters related to food worries if necessary or to individualise the approach made in the discovery group to strengthen it. The individual meetings will be established during the group sessions. An individual session lasts 1h15.

3) Audio and written documents

With each group workshop audio and written documents are provided to accompany you at home in your approach. The techniques used are varied, belonging to the field of hypnosis, brief therapies and behavioural and cognitive therapies.


Check the calendar of upcoming weight loss workshops ...


The program cost is 240 € all included. This rate includes 3 group workshops, 2 individual sessions as well as audio and written materials that accompany the process.

Each workshop can be revisited once at no additional cost.

If you have several friends interested it is possible for me to arrange workshops in your area in English and/or French, please contact me to discuss this.

Payment facilities are available (up to 6 monthly instalments).