Stress management sessions

Each stress management session, whether for children, adolescents or adults, consists of a time of listening, discussion and a relaxation exercise. The sessions take place in my practice, located in Lannion, but also, in some cases, at home or online.

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In Lannion, in Brittany

The practice is to be found in Lannion in Brittany, France. For clients far from this base there is a possibility of video consultation. Please look at the page dedicated to arranging your appointments from the comfort of your home or office.

Each session consists of a work of listening, sharing and a relaxation exercise.

For adults, the course takes place over 8 sessions, for optimal efficiency for learning and practice. After 3 or 4 sessions, clients are already on the path to independence. The commitment of the client to do the work, prepared between sessions is a key to success. A contract is signed between the therapist and the client that sets the pace of the sessions. All necessary equipment is provided - CDs or MP3, worksheets, etc. If the client wishes, the contract may be extended to desensitize, in the case of phobias, for example, or to perform additional work as support in quitting dependency such as tobacco etc.

For children and adolescents, after a visit of discovery, the number, timing and duration of the sessions will be established between the parents, the child and the therapist.