Stress management for whom ?

Stress management is aimed at both children and adolescents, adults and elderly. Stress management may accompany the preparation for birth and parenthood, but also the struggle against addictions.

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Stress management for children and adults

Stress management for whom ? For everybody!

For children : sleeping difficulties, agitation, concentration difficulties, troubled comportment, etc.
Adolescents : relationship problems with parents and others, sleeping difficulties, bad self-image, performance pressure, difficulties of conformation in groups or to family demands, to better live the transition from child to adult, etc.
Seniors : concentration and memory, recognition of the body, discovery of new moments joyful and full of peace, reconciliation with the past, opposition to solitude, positivism.
For those suffering an illness : pain reduction, management of anxiety, accompaniment treatments of cancer and long term illnesses. , reconciliation corporal, aid against insomnia, aid against solitude. Learn to relax as pain can add other parasitical tensions which add on to the tension due to the original source pain. Maximise your personal resources to better battle against the illness.
For Professionals and students : improve your professional/ academic success and your self image. Preparation for exams. Support for management. Preparation for speaking in public. Learn to open up your creativity. Etc.
And for everyone : keep in good health, increase the efficiency of a medical treatment, stop consummation of alcohol or tobacco, facilitate sleep ... or just simply relax and enjoy your daily life !

Preparation for childbirth and parenting

A moment of change of life for a woman when often we question our capacities and often sentiments from our own childhood resurface. A preparation during the pregnancy makes these changes to life more serene for the future mother but for the future father also, who often stresses a great deal on the subject of his new responsibilities and the changes to their life.
For women, a serene and peaceful pregnancy deepens the relationship with her body in its changes and knots the relationship with the baby who is developing within. Prepare for a peaceful birth and the management of the labour and birth pains with breathing exercises, visualisations and muscular relaxation. Identify and manage the sources of stress to better live the "weariness" which often follows a birth and the first few months of this new life. Live well the change of life of the couple.


People who present a problem of alcohol or substance abuse may also suffer from other disorders attached to anxiety such as agoraphobia, or social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder or the loss of a close person or separation. These substances are often used at the beginning as a palliative for the sufferance; however the continued use of these substances augments the stress. The drugs or alcohol will undermine the natural defences of the body, encephalin, which is the natural opiate of the body. The use of drugs and alcohol has for effect to reduce the quantity of encephalin produced so therefore augment the amount of substitutes required to reduce the stress.

The training of relaxation and the control of breathing can help one to become more conscious of the reaction of the body in the face of stress and to furnish a range of tools to reduce tension during the weaning process or in the desire in situations of risk of "cracking". These techniques empower self control.

Understand yourself in order to quit the dependence.
Take confidence in your capacity to be quit of the dependence and learn the techniques to better live the weaning process.

Accompaniment at the end of life

Visualisation, musicotherapie, guided fantasy, muscular relaxation, relaxation, conscience taking of past, manage anxiety, reduce insomnia, improve communication, take the distance from solitude, positivism.


The lack of sleep disturbs everything and creates a vicious circle of physical fatigue also emotional fatigue, a lack of concentration, bad moods all of which can lead to depression.

Self- Confidence Self Affirmation