Preparation for childbirth

Preparation for childbirth under hypnosis is a program based on physical and mental relaxation, visualizations, hypnotic suggestions and the discovery and development of your internal resources

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Childbirth under hypnosis

With Ericksonian Hypnosis you can experience a serene pregnancy and a calm and joyful birth. A truly holistic birth preparation. The program is based on physical and mental relaxation, visualizations, hypnotic suggestions and the discovery and development of internal resources, and learning breathing systems for labour.

These tools allow you to develop your relationship with your baby so embellish the pregnancy period. You will enjoy your labour and the moment of giving birth assisted by the natural analgesia that you have learned. You'll be less tired and you will recover more quickly because you will learn how to manage contractions and the moment of birth. You will have confidence in your abilities.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness you are active in your beautiful experience, you will not be asleep but deeply relaxed.

The program also helps fathers to express their doubts and questions and learn how to take part at the level desired by each couple in this major event in life.

Childbirth under hypnosis

Details of the preparation for childbirth

The program runs in 5 sessions from about the 5th month.

The first appointment is to take stock of experiences and desires and understand your personal history.

Each session that will follow is made of a time for discussion, exchange of information and a session of hypnosis. An MP3 for each hypnosis session is furnished for practice at home.

The duration of a session is around 1h15 for individuals or for groups 2 h15 with 4 or 5 other mothers. The first appointment is always individual. Dads/ partners are welcome. It is possible to add an individual appointment for the preparation of the father to his new role.

Download an article for childbirth under hypnosis which appeared 12 December 2015 in the Telegram (in french).

The benefits of preparation for childbirth hypnosis

  • Access to deep relaxation
  • Elimination of apprehension
  • Induction of natural endorphins of the body
  • Beautify the bond with your baby in utero
  • Decreased use of medical and instrumental interventions
  • Increased assurance of parents in their skills and resources
  • Create a serene and joyful welcome for baby
  • Reduce labour time
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Easily master the breathing for labour and birth without stress

Caesarean sections are five times less common in women who give birth with preparation by hypnosis.

Practical information

Groups are formed at request and times scheduled at the preference of the participants. Please contact me to register your desire to be part of a group. It is possible to start a group in your town in a radius of about 30 km around Lannion. Otherwise the practice is in Lannion.

Classes are held once a fortnight for both group and individual sessions.

An MP3 will be given for practice at home for 4 sessions.

It is, of course, necessary to complete the entire program in the order for the preparation to be effective.


Individual session € 60 therefore € 300 for complete programme
Group € 60 first session (individual) and then € 45 therefore € 250 complete programme