Online consultations

For people who cannot come to the practice, located in Lannion, Brittany, I propose online sessions, by phone or webcam. A useful way of consultation, practical and effective ...

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Consultations by telephone or webcam

Because getting to the practice is not possible for everyone, I offer sessions by phone or webcam in the comfort and discretion of your home or office.
Online consultation is also aimed at expatriates in a foreign country, seeking support in French or English. The advantage of this approach is the ability to follow consultations by phone or webcam from any country in the world.

Webcam consultation is useful, practical and efficient, as a simple Internet connection and a standard audio and video apparatus (web camera) will enable you to get in touch with me, no matter where in the world you are.
Online consultation by webcam is the closest we can get to classic practice consultation as we can see and hear each other. If you do not have a webcam we can consult by phone and email.

To ensure that online services suit you, I offer you a free initial consultation; this preliminary consultation of 15 minutes is aimed to allow us to share a little and make an initial assessment of your problem and see the work that could be done together. Once past the first 15 minutes, you can feel free to continue our session or not. If you wish to continue- send your payment via Paypal and we will continue our session 45min. If you wish to enter into the cycle of eight sessions, you select the online calendar (s) appointment (s). Payments are made before the sessions when you have received confirmation of convenient time and date. Each session includes 45 minutes online with you but also an absolute MINIMUM of 15 minutes of my time with documents that you send me by mail between sessions (often this time is as much as the time online). You will receive with each session an MP3 of a relaxation exercise to use at home. You will have work to do between sessions to develop the themes that we discussed together and the relaxation exercise to be practiced every day. The success of the training lies in your commitment to practice the exercises at home.

Attention please : I do not undertake consultations with persons under the age of 18 without the written consent of their parents or their guardians.

Payment method

Payment of online consultations is by Paypal

Initial session 15 minutes : free
Single session : 60 euros
Sessions in cycle of eight : 50 euros each