Stress management in business

Managing stress in business allows to collectively improve the daily lives of employees within the company and for individuals to cope with the pressures of professional performance.

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Group and individual sessions

Learning stress management improves the lives of all members of the team.

How can we adapt our approach to stressful situations under pressure of job performance, especially when personal life generates stress too ?

It is now recognised that stress is a part of life for all. Its sources are many: the necessity to comply with groups, productivity and performance pressures, and uncertainty about the future, strained relations between teammates.

Training in stress management allows us to understand several themes: identifying the causes and symptoms of stress, learn about the short- and long-term consequences, learn mental and physical techniques to combat stress, develop self-confidence and develop a number of organisational and relational skills.

The proposed topics are modular. The sessions can also be built around a particular concern in the business, such as dealing with changes in a time of restructuring or building a new team.

Conseil Stress proposes group and individual sessions. The program is suitable for all professional levels and in all professions.

Conseil Stress offers stress audits for companies and advice on the management of change.

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