Here are the prices for the various services that I offer (stress management sessions, coaching, hypnosis, etc.) for children, teenagers or adults (individual or group sessions)

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Fees for individuals and for groups

Individuals / Groups Fees

Children and adolescents

Individual session stress management

25 € for 30 minutes
45 € for 1hr15


Individual session

Contract 8 hours

60 € for 1hr 15

400 € (50 € per session)
(material included : worksheets and CD per session)

Group (12 people)

Single session

Contract 8 sessions

320 € per session

2200 € (275 € per session)
(material included)

Working Group public

Contract 8 sessions

by request

Schools, businesses associations, etc.

Single session

On request

Coaching or Active Listening

Individual session

60 € for 1 hr

Ericksonian hypnosis

Individual session

60 € for 1 hr 15 min

In cases of material difficulties, money should not be a hindrance to your approach, a suitable solution can be studied.

I do not make diagnosis, or dispense treatments and in no way replace the work of your GP whom I encourage you to visit. Some complimentary health insurances cover hypnotherapy and stopping dependencies - ask your health insurance company !

Payments accepted: cash or checks.