Ericksonian hypnosis

I propose a gentle, therapeutic hypnosis, centred on change, a brief therapy in which the desired change is in the centre of attention. Ericksonian Hypnosis is recommended for the management of stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, etc.

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Ericksonian Hypnosis, a gentle hypnosis

Graduated as a practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP by INCTB, I offer a gentle therapeutic hypnosis, centred on change. It is a brief therapy, solution-oriented, i.e. an approach where the desired change (not the problem) is placed at the centre of attention. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the subject has access to generally untapped resources of their brain, through their unconscious. Thanks to the technique of the practitioner and the person's participation, the latter will be able to focus on themselves to achieve this state of trance called hypnosis. The person under hypnosis is not a state of sleep. They remain aware of what is happening around them. The person remains free in their choices and decisions. Statistically, satisfactory results are obtained in one session (one-third of clients), in 3 or 4 sessions (for a second third of clients) in over 4 sessions (for the last third of clients) at a rate of ideally a session every 2 weeks.

The session begins with a discussion of what brings you to consult and the goals you want to achieve.

My role is to guide you to ensure you achieve your goals - and to make you autonomous - as quickly as possible. It is important to give me feedback by phone or e-mail just a few days after the session. If you do not require a complementary session, I will not hesitate to give you some specific guidance on the phone to reach your goals without a return visit.

The main indications of hypnosis

Mourning, phobias, OCD, stress management, anxiety, depression, addictions, insomnia, binge eating, difficult separation, behaviour disorders (anger, impulsivity, violence, aggressiveness ...), tinnitus, halitosis, chronic pain, allergic reactions , disorders of the cutaneous system, sexual disorders, trauma (rape, assault, accident ...), asthma, stammering, self-confidence, memory, motivation, personal goals, creativity, shyness, intuition, time management, weight loss , personal challenge, relationships, intellectual, artistic, sporting performances, competitions and examinations, preparation for childbirth, ...