Coaching or Active Listening

Coaching centred on listening, is the art of accompanying a person, a group or team, in the realization of their projects (to clear certain points, gain confidence, see more clearly objectives, etc.).

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Coaching to manage changes

The coach's role is to facilitate the transition of life for a person who is posing themselves questions :

  • in a complicated moment
  • in a period of change or professional questionnement
  • to break free from addiction
  • to build self-confidence
  • to cope with changes
  • acting to achieve life goals

Coaching is the art of accompanying a person, a group or a team in the implementation of its projects. The act is based on listening and to to reveal the resources that each individual possesses. The support allows the person :

  • to see more clearly, their desires, their goals, their relationship with their own environment
  • to take stock of their skills, resources and talents
  • to imagine a balanced and achievable action plan
  • to take action to obtain their objectives
  • gain confidence in their actions

The sessions, which are of a duration of 1hr, begin with the creation of a contract of aid that establishes the role of the client and the coach and assures confidentiality. Coaching begins with the definition of the projects. The method is based on solving problems. The relationship between client and coach can work only in an atmosphere of trust. I invite you to call me to discuss your requirements. It is preferable that the meetings take place in the practice but it is possible to have them in a place that suits you or by webcam and telephone.