I also offer Ericksonian hypnosis sessions

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Having trained at the INCTB to practitioner level I also offer Ericksonian hypnosis sessions - a gentle hypnosis, therapeutic by nature and centered on change. This is a brief therapy, solution-oriented, the approach is that the desired change (not the problem) is placed at the center of attention. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the subject has access to generally untapped resources of his/her brain, through their unconscious. Thanks to the technique of the practitioner and the person's participation, the latter will be able to focus on themselves to achieve the state of trance called hypnosis. The person under hypnosis is not asleep. They remain aware of what is happening around them. They remain free in their choices and decisions. Statistically, satisfactory results are obtained in one session (one third of clients), in 3 or 4 sessions (for a second third of clients) in over 4 sessions (for the last third of clients). Please feel free to call me for more information